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Less is More

27 Nov 2011

I originally assumed that open source was simply a means of producing technology. But technology is just a lovely byproduct, the real goal is social. Not all open source projects work this way, but perhaps they should.

I stumbled upon this realization while maintaining fog as it grew and grew and grew. Leaving issues open seemed unbearable, but over time the volume far exceeded my ability to keep up. Over time I saw the promise of a better way, but my expectations of open source would need to adapt.

I learned that if running a project means fixing bugs, you may never find time for anything else. Every issue is an opportunity to share what you have learned; to explain solutions and to help others help themselves; to maintain less and mentor more; to transform consumers into community members; and ultimately, to build community.

Most developers are itching to be a part of their favorite projects. You do not scale, but by giving developers tools and getting out of their way, your project can. So please remember that when issues are reported on your open source project, you should not fix them. I hope this serves you well and would love to hear about your experiences and help any way I can.