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Cloud Head

20 Nov 2011

My professional and personal life, for what seems as long as I can remember, has been dominated by all things cloud.

Over two years ago I started a project that would grow into fog. Being along for the ride as fog grew into a community has been incredibly gratifying, but communities inevitably grow beyond their founders.

I wish I had the foresight to have prepared for this all along, but it really snuck up on me. Startup life had, unfortunately, acclimated me to a rather unsustainable work schedule. Then, as I created a more sustainable work life, fog rushed in to fill the void in my “free time”.

It took literally took fog becoming my job to balance the scales again, but in the end even this could only put a thumb on the scale. I am immensely grateful that fog has grown into a community because it no longer needs a spokesman because it speaks for itself. Having the opportunity to be a part of this transformation has been fantastic, thank you.

I will continue to be vigilant and help guide things, but fog has outgrown me and the most valuable thing I can do is step aside as maintainer. I am amazed and proud to say that if you blinked you might miss this change and thank you to everyone who has come together to make this possible.

I see my role transitioning from maintainer to mentor and I hope through speaking and writing others can learn from my experiences (and have similarly amazing experiences of their own). So welcome aboard, enjoy the ride and let me know if there is anything I can do to make your journey more spectacular.